Here are some of the TCRPs, endorsements and Recommendations for the 2019 General Election:

R88 (I-1000): Reject

I-976 (Car Tabs) Approve

Advisory Votes 20-31: Repeal All (Tax increases without a vote of the people)

Senate Joint Resolution 8200: Reject

TC Emergency communications Systems/Facilities: (911) YES

Port of Olympia Pos #1: No Recommendations

NTPS School Board Director: Gretchen Maliska, Dave Newkirk

Tumwater School District 5: Scott Kee (Write-In)

Lacey City Council: Lenny Greenstein, Ed Kunkel, Malcolm Miller

Yelm City Council: Joe DePinto, (James Blair or EJ Curry)

Olympia Mayor: No Recommendations

Lacey Fire Protection District #3: Fire Commissioners: Robert Motzer, Ken Morse


The mission of the Thurston County Republican Party is to support the election and re-election of Republican candidates to public office, to attract voters and volunteers to the Republican Party,  to protect the Constitutions of the United States and Washington State, to work for the passage of initiatives and referendum, and to ensure greater dignity, freedom and prosperity for all.

The purpose of the Central Committee and the Executive Board is to:
1. Lead, contribute and participate in the establishment of a Republican Party
organization that is an effective vehicle for setting public policy.
2. Fulfill those functions conferred on it by state law and the state party rules.
3. To locate, guide, prepare and retain Republican candidates for public office.
4. To plan, organize, administer and finance the party’s operations to accomplish the
above stated purposes.

We would love to have you join us! There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer from helping on campaigns to planning events.