Become a Precinct Officer

Each county is split into multiple precincts and in Thurston County there are over 200 of them. Currently only about half of these positions are filled so if you’d like to get more involved keep this in mind! We’ll arrange a meeting for you with one of our executives and see about an appointment if we’re not in election season and the position is not already filled.

Volunteer at the Food Trailer

To help raise money for candidates, the county party places a donated food trailer at several events around the county. We have several of our precinct officers, candidates, and local Republicans volunteer, and each year we raise thousands of dollars for our candidates.

Help with Voter Identification

In order to help our candidates succeed during campaign season, campaigns are targeted to focus on areas based on voting likelihood. The only way this can be useful to our candidates is if it is updated and accurate, so this is a very important activity.

Work on a Campaign

During campaign season our politician and candidates need volunteers to help with advertising, making calls, fund raising and more. Every year we need more volunteers and we are always looking. Whether you have years of experience working on campaigns or are completely new to the process, we’ll work with you and get you involved!