Port of Olympia Candidate Shares Her Vision

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What is the direction I want to take the port? I want to see the port follow the policies that it has set down for itself years ago and follow the processes that are in place that will ensure equity and fiscal responsibility. What makes me different from my opponent for example: During the last port commission meeting there was a discussion to change Marine Drive to Bill Frank Drive in honor of his life. The policy clearly states that the renaming committee only meets in January to consider a project, the person must be dead for 20 years, and there must be 60 days to allow for public comment. My opponent believe the name change can occur and be approved within the next 30 days. The request does not meet any of the requirements for consideration.
I want to change the atmosphere amongst the port staff. People cannot operate at their peak when they are afraid of retaliation. I don’t agree with spending tax dollars for a mediator due to personal disagreements. I know how to interpret and execute policies.
Accurate information is not being provided to the public. Phrases are twisted and comments made to generate laughter that disrupts progress and focus. When did the port become vested in the operations of privately owned businesses. I want the Port to focus on their own operation and support business owners upon request not at the whim of the port commissioners.
I don’t want to hold the county hostage and interject my personal opinion. I believe that as a public official the public needs to direct the actions of the port. As a Port Commissioner, you should always identify yourself as a Port Commissioner and act in the best interest of the port. Without those actions being first and foremost, how can the port serve the people if personal agenda and focus is misdirected.
I am running for a Non-Partisan position with no hidden agenda. I want to bring back common sense and sound judgment and actions.
I am a retired Lieutenant Colonel, and after 21 years of service, I did not get to that position by not understanding the aspect of the positions I held. I believe the port needs my experience and focus, and I am willing to give my years experience and training back to this community.
My experience:
Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel who served 21 years as a logistician. Participated in planning and movement of troops and cargo by rail, air and sea. Worked with the Department of Transportation on convoy movement, designed forward resupply point, and served as the Operations Chief for a supply depot that moved all classes of supply to various installation in Europe. Oversaw the movement and management of Logistic Support Vessel as they transported troops and equipment throughout the Pacific.
Supported movement operations for dignitaries in Afghanistan during the first General Election process in the country. Worked as a bookkeeper for a property management office and gained experience and knowledge of rental procedures. Serving Veterans, as an Administrative Officer, at Veteran Health Administration, Puget Sound creating internal policies and directing process management. Wrote 15 internal policies for the development of operations within the Veteran Affairs. Master’s degree in Human Resources and a Master’s degree in Business Administration. Completed mediation training, supervisory training, EEO training and I currently supervise seven people.
I am willing to learn what I don’t know and rely on the outstanding port staff. That is what I plan to bring to the port.

Gigi McClure

  1. Deborah North

    What an incredible portfolio you’ve mafe for yourself, dear GiGi. I always knew you’d play an important role in politics, or in the community someday when I befriended you at REMAX so long ago. We turned in our ballots this morning, and trust your votes will come to fruition. God bless you and Greg mightily- Deborah North

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