What’s on your mind Thurston County?

Now that LET PEOPLE VOTE campaign has successfully qualified R-88 for November ballot, we urge all of you to Reject Referendum 88! Stop Divisive Initiative 1000! Now more than ever before, we need your support! Any amount is appreciated and there is no contribution ceiling. Please visit https://www.letpeoplevote.org/donate/ Please join thousands who have already contributed nearly a million dollars so far! Here is full contribution and spending report: https://tinyurl.com/LetPeopleVotePDC

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  1. William Pierpoint

    Would like yard signs if we have viable candidate running against Inslee.

    • Alexis Wallace

      There are three candidates running against Inslee. culpforgovernor.com , votefortunato.com , https://www.facebook.com/FreedForGovernor . We will let you know when we have signs. We have a picnic on Saturday, Sept 21 at Woodland Creek Park, in Lacey. Hot dogs, hamburgers, and drinks provided. Bring a side dish if you like. Kid friendly. Hope to see you there. Thank you for your interest.

  2. William Pierpoint

    Can you put me on mailing list for Republican events?
    I would like to participate I’d the Republican Party here is a conservative Constitution based Party.

  3. William Pierpoint

    Would like to attend events supporting Conservative views and pur Constitution. Havent been able to find locations and times so I can participate.


    How do we find out about candidate profiles in WA state and Thurston County?? I have NEVER lived in a state where a new resident is left in the dark about conservative candidates and Republican or Libertarian Party endorsements. I have searched the web and come up empty. I will NOT join Facebook to get this info.

    You are losing votes here.

    • Tom Watson

      Sorry it took so long to reply to your comment, we were recently hit with 15000 spam messages. Additionally this is one of the busiest times of the year with our food trailer in full swing during local fair seasons. You asked about candidate profiles, the best information you can get from the candidates are from the candidates themselves or voter pamphlet. You can contact the County Auditors office, elections division or go to their web page to research elections procedures and voter registration in case you have had a chance to register yet. During the primaries the TCRP does not usually endorse candidates where more than one conservative is running. This prevents the appearance of favoritism in the primary. In the general election we normally post our endorsements and recommendations here and on Facebook. Sorry you don’t like Facebook, it is one of our communications tools we use.

  5. David Sjoding

    What’s involved with being a precinct officer. I’m in Olympia 59. Concerned about voter fraud.

    • Tom Watson

      The Precinct Committee Officer is your basic building block of a grassroots organization. They attend a quarterly meeting along with the other PCOs, called the Central Committee. PCOs also manage their precinct, knock on doors in their precinct and get the word out about things such as candidates, voter fraud, voter identification, posting yard signs, etc. Its a great position to have that can allow you to talk with your neighbors and organize within the county party.
      I hope this answers a couple of your questions.
      There is a quarterly meeting on June 6th at 7PM at the county courthouse if you would like to attend.
      Thank you
      TCRP Staff.

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