Democrats Caught In The Act

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Last week, I told you about the Democrats’ training manual, used by protestors to cause mayhem and disruption at GOP town hall meetings here and throughout the country.

My message struck a nerve with organizers who have trained their “resisters” to bombard our WSRP office with phone calls, emails, and postcards (using the same well-rehearsed Democrat talking points) denying they are involved in an organized left-wing effort.

Now, a leaked audio of a secret planning meeting reveals how false the denials are. You can listen as Democrat protest organizers explain how to create a hostile environment at one GOP Senator’s town hall meeting.

We know the Democrats’ goal is to undermine the will of the people in the 2016 election. With their allies in the media, they hope to weaken our Republicans so they won’t go forward with GOP plans for jobs, truly affordable health care, and a strong defense against terrorists.

But our elected GOP Representatives won’t be deterred from doing the important business of the people! We will continue to shine the light, exposing the Democrats’ tactics. Help us do this important job by donating $25, $50, $100 or more. To donate, CLICK HERE or go to


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    • Tom Watson

      At what level can you become involved? You can become a Precinct Committee Officer by being appointed by our County Chairman, you can assist a local or county wide campaign, you can support local or state wide issues, you can volunteer to help with the numerous opportunities by working in our food booth during summer events or with our Lincoln Day Dinner fund raiser in Feb 2018. Thank you for your interest.

      • C Davis

        Hi Tom,
        I would have likely have been happy to participate on any of those levels. But the first step is getting on your mailing list, which didn’t seem possible from this site.

        Where can I submit my email address to get networked in?

        • Tom Watson

          Thank you for your patience your previous post about I-940 was hidden among about 30 spam posts about amoxicillin and generic male enhancement pills. As I replied a while ago, the amount of involvement you wish to dedicate yourself to is up to you. If Im not mistaken I believe you have attended a couple meetings already which is a good start. As you know, the executive board is always open to new ideas and the comments of the people who come out and attend. Thank you again for your I-940 post.

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