I-1000 (Referendum Measure 88)

I-1000, passed by our legislators without the consent of the voters, disregarded the will of previous voters from years ago.         In typical socialist fashion, the democratic-socialist controlled legislative body imposed their will on ALL Washingtonians. Referendum 88 will be the voter’s chance to speak, but it has to get on the ballot first, hence the petition process to put it there. It is currently being delayed in the courts with frivolous suits and delaying tactics.

Referendum Measure 88 will allow the voters of WA State the right to vote on Initiative 1000 which was passed in the final days of the 2019 WA State Legislature in the dead of night without the consent of the governed (That’s us, the voters). We can not allow this piece of legislation to stand. Sign the petitions, get involved, get moving.

Petitions will be out shortly, please attend the County Central Committee on June 6th 2019 for more details.







https://www.facebook.com/letpeoplevoteonI1000 .

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