Join the fight, NOW to defeat Initiative 1639

As expected, the liberal Washington State Supreme Court overturned a lower Court’s decision, no surprise, to remove a deeply flawed, Ill written I-1639 from the November ballot. As a result, a state-wide pro-second Amendment movement has begun. But time is fleeting.

Here in Thurston County we are lucky to have several individuals working overtime getting the ball rolling. They are contacting thousands of people across the county and across party lines to defend our rights and freedoms, But they need more, they need you!  I-1639 is funded by mega-millionaires from around the country working to take our rights away, step by step. A true grass-roots effort is needed to defeat them.

We need your help today, join the fight to defend our Constitutional Rights and keep the gun grabbers out of our homes.

You can contact Charlie Kirry here in Thurston County at:, (360) 790-9138, you can friend him on Facebook. Charlie can get you started and pointed in the right direction.


You can also go to the “We are Thurston Republicans” fb page and find the info there:

Or the TCRP fb page:

There is no time to waste, this crucial vote happens in about 60+ days.

You can find more informant here as well:

Thank you.



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