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  2. C Davis

    Supporters of I-940, “Not This Time” are working diligently to make it easier for dangerous criminals to shoot police officers, while making it more difficult for police to defend themselves and protect and serve the community.

    At a September 7th 2017, press conference, the group sighted three cases that exemplified their agenda; Charleena Lyle, Che Taylor and Hussein Hassan. All three where shot and killed by police.

    But a basic research shows, all three were armed and in the process of attacking police officers before being shot. Taylor with a gun, Hassan with a sward and Lyle with 2 knives.

    Currently police are well trained, and it is very unlikely that many police officers WANT to kill anyone. But being a police officer is a dangerous job and certainly LEO’s have the right to self-defense as well as the need to neutralize those in the community that are in the process of committing bodily harm to others.

    It is a grave mistake to make the fictional assumption that any police shooting implies maliciousness on the part of Law enforcement.

    Between 2005 and 2014, 213 fatalities resulted from police shootings, with 1 being prosecutable (2009 Everett, Troy Meade). There was NO evidence to suggest that any of the other shootings warranted prosecutions. (Meade was not convicted but fired for policy violations.)

    If the “Not This Time” group would focus on issues like NOT attacking police, not dealing drugs and not being career criminals there would be less need for police shootings.

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